360° marketing communications

New Perspective Media (NPM) is a well-respected 360-degree marketing communications agency, which is proud to have top UAE government organisations and blue chip companies as its clients.

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Corporate Publishing

Whether it is in print or on the web, New Perspective Media offers first-class corporate publishing aservices.

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Digital Communication

The power of the web can be maximised to work for your business in a 24-7 set up

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Professional Translation

Language is complex. Utilising general translation often fails to deliver the accurate meaning of one language to another.

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Branding & Marketing

We can help you devise a winning branding strategy by applying proven and successful marketing and promotional techniques.

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Social Media

The numbers say it all: it's either you get into the social media bandwagon or you are left out of the competition.

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Research & Content Development

To succeed in this ever-changing environment, the sourcing of high-quality information is critical.

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Events Management

New Perspective Media's skilled project managers and event planners work closely with our clients to understand their goals, culture, strategies and their unique requirements.

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Media Relations

New Perspective Media provides well-anchored media and public relations solutions.

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About Us

New Perspective Media is a leading contract publishing and corporate communications agency that specialises in print and digital publishing, professional translation, research and content development, branding and marketing, digital communication, social media, media relations, and event management.

With pure creativity and artistic expression central to our offering, we endeavour to multiply clients' bottom line by developing quality strategic tools in communication.

We are comprised of seasoned international professionals who understand the publishing, media, and brand image enhancement industry. With combined work experience of more than 100 years in media, marketing and PR, our team of professionals ensures that we deliver on all our promises.

Leveraging our resources in content, communications and consultancy, we offer end-to-end solutions for all your needs.
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